Guess what? I got engaged! And now it's my turn to start organising our dream day, contacting venues, trolling through Pinterest and fantasising about every minor detail of the day. 

But this blog post isn't about me and my wedding. I've come across something online that has inspired me to write this blog post. Over the last week, I have been googling for 'Wedding Check Lists' to print off to help me create some kind of timeline for my own wedding planning. In the process, I have noticed that most of these checklists are placing the 'Book your Hair & Makeup Artist' tick box somewhere around '2-4 months out' mark. This explains a lot! I often get Brides contacting me with only a few months to go, wanting to book me for their wedding, and 90% of the time, I'm already booked! 

I wanted to write this post to let brides-to-be know that booking your Hair & Makeup Artist is one of the first things you should consider, probably just after you book the venue & Photographer. I know every Wedding Vendor will say the same thing, but seriously... 2-4 months is way too late to book your H&MUA! If you think about it simply, there is only one of me! And as a rule, I only (usually) take one wedding booking per day. It's not unusual for me to book a wedding 12+ months in advance, so when I see wedding checklists placing my service in the same timeframe as "finalise table decorations", it kind of peeves me! 

I'm going to keep this blog short, but, to wrap things up I'll leave you with this:

DON'T LEAVE BOOKING YOUR HAIR & MAKEUP UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! Popular Makeup Artists book out quickly, so to avoid disappointment; do your trial, and leave a deposit asap! Don't forget that you'll have your wedding photos for the rest of your life, so if you have your eye on a makeup artist, just book them and avoid being disappointed!

Wooo, glad I got that off my chest! Rant OVER :)