Wedding Expos!

So excited to attend the Central Coast Wedding Expo this Sunday, 19th March! 

It's a local expo, taking place at the Ettalong Diggers. MEANING... I get to network with hundreds of beautiful, local brides-to-be! I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I love making brides feel beautiful on their special day, it's literally the best part of my job! So I can't wait to meet more potential clients for 2017/18!

To celebrate my love for Brides and everything 'Bridal' I have created a Bridal Hamper, full of everything you could possibly need for your wedding day! The basket includes things like; A floral satin robe, Bride-to-be sash, Champagne, Makeup, Brushes, a touch up kit, and SO MUCH MORE! I went bananas making this thing!

On the flip side, getting ready for a wedding expo is next-level stressful! I made a conscious effort to be super prepared for this expo (being my second) I think I know what to expect...I hope! I went all out and bought new table cloths, a backing curtain, banner, decorations & my bridal hamper! I'm feeling so on top of it and I'm so excited! But so nervous at the same time!

So feel free to come and visit me at the Central Coast Wedding Expo this Sunday 19th of March at Ettlong Diggers.. Who knows, you might even be the winner of my wonderful bridal basket :)