I'm Going Cruelty Free!

A week or so ago, in the middle of trying to organise new Markets and Wedding Fairs to join when I return home, my partner suggestested that I make my Hair and Makeup business completely Cruelty Free. The idea was so perfect, I can't believe I never thought of it myself. Being a Cruelty Free MUA was the perfect way to tie my Makeup and Natural Henna business together. 

The Cruelty Free makeup movement is ever growing! Many big name and high end brands are now cruelty free which means my clients will not be disadvantaged when it comes to the quality of their makeup look. Although many of my former favourite makeup brands are not Cruelty Free (MAC, Bobbi Brown, etc) I am excited to get home, sort through my makeup supplies and find new brands that offer the same quality with less consequences to our furry friends. After doing some research into Cruelty Free makeup brands I discovered loads of quality brands and products that I can switch to. There is even an app to help seek out cruelty free brands as I shop!

I'm excited to move in a different direction and speak to a different market of people through my makeup. Becoming a Cruelty Free MUA is not only a good move for me in terms of tying my two businesses together but I'm also doing my small part in fighting the animal cruelty industry.